Our Mission Statement

  • Gain Customer, Competitor, Employee, and Supplier recognition as the Leader in Customer Service in the Material Handling Industry.

  • Partner with our customers to provide value added products and services which meet or exceed their Material Handling requirements and represent the lowest overall cost of ownership.

  • Recognize that our value to customers lies in delivering Total Solutions to their Material Handling needs.

  • Treat our customers, competitors, employees, and suppliers fair and ethically at all times under all circumstances.

  • Develop long-term relationships through teamwork and partnering with our customers, employees, and suppliers.

  • Every employee must be considered as an individual. We must treat all employees with respect and recognize their contributions. Wages and benefits shall be fair and working conditions shall be clean, orderly and safe. We must continually train our employees and provide a working environment that is challenging, fulfilling and enjoyable for every employee.

  • Accomplish the above while maintaining above average return on assets. 


Our financial strength and over 20 years of experience has enabled Hawaiian Lift Truck to become the leading provider of material handling products, services and solutions in Hawaii. Our company focus is to provide TOTAL SOLUTIONS to our customers’ needs.

PRODUCT SOLUTIONS We provide the most complete line of products in the industry. This assures all products and systems work together to maximize compatibility. Our extensive product lines provide you the best solution for your operation, not just products that we are limited to sell.

PEOPLE SOLUTIONS – Our team focuses on finding solutions to our customers needs, helping you reach your productivity, safety, and financial goals.

VALUE SOLUTIONS – We sell only industry leading quality products, that maximizes your Return On Investment.


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